Friday, August 7, 2009

Manchester City on Target?

Manchester City’s leviathan spending spree this year will not ensure that they are contenders for the Premier League title but then I do not feel that it is their target too. Their only aim this year is a Champions League birth, anything more is a bonus.

Let us be realistic they have enough and more money to buy the best, but how will you attract the best without the incentive playing in the champions league. If premier league was their objective than they would have surely replaced the coach, Mark Hughes, who was a great player but his status as a coach is still questionable. Is this the foundation for much more and better things to come, may be, as a matter of fact I strongly feel so. They have spent 200+ million dollars now and I understand that it is not even in the club’s balance book, it was just a gift from the owners, that’s right, a small gift. They were ready to pay John Terry 250000 pounds a week, almost twice the money he was getting which was 135000 pounds a week in Chelsea which has now been increased to 150000 as per the new contract. (It is different matter that John Terry did not take the bait and preferred to stay at Chelsea).

What I am pondering though is will the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and John Terry among others be able to resist a move for almost double their weekly wages if Manchester City had a coach the caliber of the Special One (Jose Mourinho), or SAF or Gus Hiddink and if they were playing in the champions league next year and with the prospect of buying more best players. I do not think anyone, remotely human can resist it. So if you see in reality when money flow is infinite then only thing they are aiming for this year is first 4 finishes in the premier league which will enable them to play in the Champions league next year. I believe with the current purchases of Tevez, Cruz, Adebayor, Gareth Barry, and the two defenders along with Robinho they have enough strength to fight for a first 4 finish, looks like it will a close though with Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal being the favorites to be the best four. It will be battle between City and Arsenal for the fourth place.

If they qualify for the Champions League then the next year transfers will be even more maddening, easily humbling the extravagant spending of Real Madrid this year, probably starting with a new manager with an unimaginable pay. So do you think they are on target? Your suggestions are welcome.


Mark said...

Its interesting to see this viewpoint Sunil. I am not much of a football fan so your thoughts provide some light. The thing is that Football a sport is becoming moe like business (i know it always was), but now with the big money being pumped by the new owners of the clubs, i am not surprised when star players move so easily especially when all this money is flowing around. Makes me think that if the stakes are this high, is there room for some manipulation in the sport especially when lot of money is involved?

Sunil C Jose said...

Yes Marky, there is defenitely room for manipulation, but money can not buy you a successful team. It can buy great players and but making sure they click together needs a very good coach and yes a little bit of luch

IndoIrish said...

Lads - I'm an Arsenel supporter and have always been since Arsene Wenger was in charge. I certainly will back him up coz he has great faith in his young squad...Its clubs like Man. City and Real Madrid that have changed the game of football . I agree we haven't won much silver ware but its a joy to watch the passing game... Now will Man City do well - I dont know.. But I certainly don't like players who ditch their clubs for more money than they can spend in their life time... be it Ronaldo or Adebayor... NO 1 is bigger than the club..