Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chelsea bring down the hulks of Hull city

I may not be the only one, after seeing the Hull City team, who needed to confirm that their team name was Hull City and not Hulk City, with the current set of players the latter name actually suits them better.

Chelsea definitely had more possession of the ball, but found it really difficult to break down the City defense; they also had a little difficulty in dealing with set pieces largely due to height advantage of the Hull City players. It looks to me that the diamond may not always be the right approach to bring out the best from Chelsea players. Yesterday the Diamond was not very effective as there was no width and midfield was crowded to say the least. It was not a great game to watch for the Chelsea fans, as they would believe the team is capable of much more.

Two players who did not play to the potential was Mikel and Anelka, Mikel was steady but definitely lacked the pace and Anelka never looked like he was going to score and was more effective when he strayed away from the box.

The man who made the difference was definitely Drogba, his first goal was excellent from a superbly taken free kick. The second goal needed a little bit of luck, but no surprise it was with, arguably the best player of the day to give Chelsea 2-1 lead and the match in the 90th minute of the game. Carlo has got the first taste of the pressure being a Chelsea coach and if he doesn’t change things soon, there may be more such experiences to follow.

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