Thursday, August 20, 2009

EPL Midweek: Testimony of things to come

The Premier league is less then week old, and clearly there were a lot of unpredictable results already. Most notable may be the triumph of the newly promoted Burnley, over Manchester United, a remarkable achievement for a club who has not been in the top flight since 1976. Things are not looking too good for Man U though, after the narrow win in the first match, the loss here clearly shows that they have lost their most lethal weapon in attack, their cutting edge by not having Ronaldo.

Second was the 4-0 Liverpool win over Stoke, to come here after the loss in the first match and put a performance of this magnitude takes some doing, highlighting the quality of the team and at the same time the unpredictability.

Most positive result was that of Tottenham’s 5-1 victory over Hull City, what a start to the season for the Tottenham, although it is too early to say, we might just see them giving fight to the last four, as they say well begun is half done.

One predictable result was that of the Chelsea’s 3-1 win over Sunderland, and more importantly showing that there are possibilities of succeeding with the Diamond formation. It was the best we have seen of Deco for sometime and probably this is the best place, top of the diamond, where he can do his bit. The bonus of course was getting Ballack on the scoring sheet, a few more goals and we may see a completely different Ballack, hopefully doing justice to his potential.

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Kushal said...

I for one, am glad to see that Man U are finally taking some of their chances that are coming their way (referring to the Wigan match). Even though I don't begrudge Burnley their win, it’s quite fair to say that had the Penalty gone in or M.Owen converted one of his few chances, it would have been a fairly comfortable victory. But, in football, things never go according to plan, and that certainly is true for ManU, as they always seem to torture their fans before coming up trumps - A case of point being the Wigan victory!!

I think this season in BPL will be a very close call, with each big 4 capable of taking points off each other and the others, namely Villa, City and Everton also capable of inflicting defeats. Chelsea for me, are looking strong, things for Arsenal are coming together nicely, ManU are customarily slow starters and no one can quite guess how things will turn out for Liverpool. Anyway, I hope it turns out to be a great season, cos I for one, am all set for the ride!!