Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chelsea Bags the Community Shield

It was a great match for a friendly cup, and I feel the better team won. Manchester United never looked the same side which won the premier league last season and it was quite evident that they missed the cutting edge of Ronaldo. The dominance shown by Chelsea in the second half will surely give something to think about for SAF, even when Chelsea was leading 2 goals to 1, it was Chelsea who was playing the more attacking football, and it never looked like Manchester United will score. They did score though thanks to brilliance of Rooney and for someone who watched second half it was a surprise they did. The penalties also showed the strength and experience of the Chelsea squad as they never missed a penalty and Manchester United could convert only one from their 3.

This Man U side looks the weakest I have see in the last few years, and gives a lot of promise for Chelsea and Liverpool and their title hopes. It is too early to say though and Man U is famous for springing in surprises most often then not, but if Sunday’s match was testimony of things to come then I would not feel too comfortable, if I was a Man U fan.

As they say well begun is half done, Chelsea has begun well but they have miles and miles to travel this season.

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