Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mancini for Hughes - Man City moving ahead

Well now you know that Manchester City have big plans, and hey my predictions about this club posted earlier is proving right. It was surprise to fire the manager with such a short notice, but such things are expected of clubs with big plans. I am not at all surprised; it was more like I was expecting it. Hughes I feel has done a good job, but then he was never the material they had in mind for the long run, I was sure they would be looking for a bigger manager who can help bring quality players to the team. I am surprised they actually compromised for Mancini, indicating the Clubs failure to sign bigger names like SAF, Mourinho, Hiddink etc.

Mancini is going to baptized by fire entering the reckoning in the most difficult of periods (End of December is arguably the toughest period for EPL, as they have a number matches around the Christmas which can be extremely distracting and hence unpredictable; unlike for example the Italian league which has a couple of weeks break during this period). I feel there two reasons Mancini has come in at this odd time, one is for the January transfer window, I feel Man city will again buy players and they want some one with experience to buy the right players. The second I feel is to make sure that the team finishes in the first four, automatically qualifying them for the next years Champions League. Mark my words if that does not happen, Mancini will follow Hughes.

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