Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron donning the ‘Real’ Colors

80 Million Pounds is a lot of money, and if Real Madrid is paying so much for Christiano Ronaldo, they mean serious business. It may not be coincidence that both football and business are more often linked together these days. Real Madrid’s pitiable showing last season and the outstanding game showcased by Barcelona may be some of the key reasons for the signing apart from the apparent compulsive nature of Perez.

The last season was major success for both Barcelona and United, and having players like Messi and Ronaldo have done wonders for the popularity of their clubs. In football sometimes the players are admired more then club, probably it is because people are able to relate more easily to individuals. It was quite obvious that there were not too many neutrals passionate to see Madrid play last season. This time around with Kaka and Ronaldo, that is definitely going to change, winning or losing comes next, real has won even before the ball can be kicked. It will certainly not be a surprise if I, a Chelsea fan, find time to see more Real Madrid matches the coming season. This in all probability is the most valuable reason for Madrid buying the two star players.

But, whether the next season will be success for real Madrid in terms of trophies will be anyone’s guess, because you need a team to succeed, and quite definitely the club has a big concern in the defense, with Cannavaro, moving on to home terrain, and also the lack of a quality holding midfielder may create enough vaccum for good teams to exploit.

Now for the million dollar question, “will he succeed in the Real Jersey?” I think he will, he needs a good team to come good, that will be assured now, thanks to his and Kaka’s acquisition, which will also be an incentive for other good players to join their team.

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