Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kaka Vs Ronaldo

This post might be a week or two late, but the great joy at seeing Kaka move to Real Madrid and the fact that I am constantly thinking about the news, is making me write this now. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, more commonly known to the world as Kaka, after nearly 6 years at AC Milan moved to Real Madrid recently, in what I believe would be the biggest transfer of the season, yes I feel it is even bigger then Christiano Ronaldo’s move, why? Let me try to explain my view.

I have seen them both play and it would be very difficult to say who is a better player as of today. Christiano Ronaldo played majority of his football for Manchester United, a club with an outstanding coach and cohesive blend of quality players. It would be very difficult to say he was the only contributor to their success; I would like to believe that he was only one of the key contributors. His performance for Portugal has certainly been good but nothing spectacular. He joined Manchester united after 2003 season, and has rocketed to fame mainly in the last two years only. Kaka joined AC Milan in 2003, and was almost an instant success. He was at his best by 2007. Most interesting aspect is his performance is that he was playing for a club, which got into match fixing controversy and were reduced points for their involvement, and still went on to win the champions league in 2007, probably the ageing squad and defensive style of Italian football may have hindered him and club from achieving greater success. One more aspect is his style of play, it is more artistic, graceful and free flowing compared to the ruthlessness one would arguably, associate with Ronaldo.

The personal lives of these players are also quite contradicting; Ron has a tendency to get into controversies, craves for attention and limelight, and also has a liking for late night partying. Kaka on the other hand is role model for younger generation, a devote and faithful man, known for his compassion to the society, his contributions on and off the field also made The Time magazine name him in “Time100” an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. This I agree does not provide the edge on a football field, but certainly does when you would want to admire a player.


Mark said...

Good comparison between Kaka and Ronaldo, I would love to see a write-up on who is better - Messi or Ronaldo

Jeff said...

Lads - You can't compare Kaka to Ronaldo or compare Messi to Ronaldo.. It's just not right... The likes of Kaka , Messi, Torres and even Fabregas r simply graceful and most important down to earth.. Like Sunda said they r role models indeed.To Ronaldo I can only say - Pride comes before a fall..and fall he will and a good one at that...A great player in the end will always be judged by his character on and of the pitch..and