Friday, November 27, 2009

Chelsea geared up for the testing times?

Chelsea is one of the teams doing extremely well these days. They are leading the EPL and have already qualified as group leaders in the Champions league. More importantly they are getting close to the invincibility associated with Chelsea team, during their prime under Jose Mourinho. They are definitely looking like the favorites for EPL, so what do I mean by testing times. Last year this time Chelsea was almost in the same position, leading the table with Liverpool when they played the critical (proved later) match with Arsenal on 30th November which they lost 1-2 thanks to the 2 goals by Van Persie.

This was critical because it started their decline, ultimately getting the manager Scholari dismissed. If history can be given any merit Chelsea will be aware of this fact at the back of their minds. So this weekend’s match with Arsenal can be testing times for the character of the Chelsea players, one which I believe will crucial to their hopes of winning the EPL this year, considering also the fact that they will be playing much of January with out some of their key players, unavailable due to the African Cup.

I do not believe in history too much, and feel Chelsea will not crumble like last time, even if they lose the match this weekend, but then Foot ball is a strange game with unpredictable results and anything is possible. So lets wait and watch one of the much awaited matches of this season with our fingers crossed, as this might be more crucial then it seems.

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